Etowah House of Design

Do what you love everyday. Soon you'll realize what happiness is all about.

Welcome to Etowah House of Design! My name is Luis Cassis, I'm a passionate graphic designer and artist living in Canton, GA. This beautiful town became my home eight years ago. Immediately I fell in love with its landscapes, buildings, and river. Downtown Canton feels like a movie; it's a charming place where I enjoy walking with my wife and dogs.

Art and beauty surround this wonderful town, and it has motivated me to take on a journey to create art pieces inspired by music, emotions, and memories.

My art is simple yet unique. While using oil-based Sharpies and other markers, I have challenged myself to exclusively write with my left hand (I'm a righty). Using my non-dominant hand has allowed me to see one-of-a-kind strokes while my calligraphy adjusts to the unknown.

Every piece is original and made with love and appreciation.